Kraft Paper

Recently, Kraft paper has established itself as one of the most used materials for packaging coffee.  The reason for people giving this paper so importance over other plastic materials is that they are very versatile as you can use them in the store itself as well as on the go. Despite being the oldest way of packaging, paper packaging is still very popular. As the papers are made tear resistant, there is no need for worrying about paper breakout and leakage of the coffee. 

Continue reading to find out more about the reasons for the popularity of the Kraft paper for the purpose of coffee packaging.

What is Kraft paper?

Today, people are very aware of the environment and they take every possible step to make sure that any of their activities have a minimum impact on environmental change. Hence, many coffee service providers have given priority to Kraft paper coffee bags rather than plastic bags. 

So, what is Kraft paper, and what is Kraft paper made of which makes it the best suitable option for preserving the environment? Let’s find out. 

Kraft paper is paper that is produced by processing wood pulps in acid sulfite. The wood that is used for making Kraft paper mostly comes from bamboo trees and the produced paper can be recycled around five times before sending them for degrading. The easily degradable and recyclable characteristics make it very environmentally friendly. Also, the use of less amount of chemicals during the production period prevents it from providing a negative impact on the environment. 

Kraft papers are available in different varieties which are categorized on the basis of colors and thickness. Brown paper is mostly used in the coffee business for packaging their coffee. The coffee makers prefer Kraft coffee bags, as they contain an adequate amount of cellulose making them stronger and durable.  

Although Kraft papers are very versatile and easy to use, you still need to give proper care to these beautiful packages. The quality of the Kraft papers degrades when they are kept wet for a longer period of time as it results in a loss of color and texture. 

Why is Kraft paper so popular for coffee packaging?

Today, you can see that most of the coffee producers in the world use Kraft paper for coffee packaging. Besides leaving a positive impact on the environment, it has many other benefits too. Let us take you through some of the reasons that have contributed to making Kraft paper so popular for coffee packaging. 

It’s becoming more affordable

“Kraft” means strength in German, the name Kraft paper itself indicates the paper is very strong. It means that these eco Kraft papers are very durable as you can recycle them several times. When the materials last longer, you do not need to replace them again and again which makes it much cost-saving. 

Also, many countries are raising taxes on plastic products for encouraging sustainability resulting in a price rise in plastic packages. Hence, paper packaging is more affordable these days in most countries. 

Consumers prefer it

Kraft paper packaging is in high demand as people are going green. Consumers prefer to avoid using plastics as much as they can and they give priority to Kraft paper, eco-friendly paper.  For this reason, different companies have started using paper packages to make their consumers happy. 

Eco-friendly food packaging 

It is very easy to recycle paper bags and as the result, the recycling rate of plastic bags is significantly higher compared to plastic bags. This sustainable package has been successful to introduce itself as an eco-friendly food packaging bag.  

6 types of Kraft paper and their uses

Now, we know that there are high demands for paper bags these days as both consumers as well as producers prefer them to be used for packaging purposes. These sustainable packages are made from different types of Kraft paper. We have listed 6 types of Kraft paper for you so that you can know the uses of Kraft paper.

Virgin Natural Kraft Paper

Virgin natural Kraft paper is produced using very durable fiber content which makes it the perfect choice for wrapping and safety layering uses. The paper is also very useful for packaging goods for shipping as its strong tear-resistant feature provides good safety to the packaged product. 

Bleached Kraft paper

During the production of the bleached Kraft paper, the woods are processed through different chemicals including bleach making the paper very strong. As the paper contain good strength, they are widely used for packaging and wrapping.

Printed Kraft Paper

Printed Kraft paper is produced with various prints on them providing them with beautiful and attractive looks. Many companies use this type of paper for making their packaging and wrapping eye-appealing. 

Black Kraft paper

Black Kraft paper is mostly used for decorating purposes. They are perfect for providing the most attractive looks when you need to provide dark boarders for your craft projects. 

Natural Recycled Kraft Paper

This type of Kraft paper might not be as strong as other Kraft paper, however, they are more economical and sustainable. This is the reason we can see many people often use this paper for the purpose of lining trays and wrapping newspapers. 

Colored Kraft Paper

These types of Kraft papers are available in different colors, pink and brown being the most popular ones. This type of paper is seen mostly used on notice boards. 

Five Benefits of using Kraft paper in your coffee bags packaging

So, why Kraft paper bags are in high demand in the coffee industry? Here, we discuss the five interesting benefits of Kraft paper coffee bags. 

Easy to use

You will most probably prefer the baggage that is easy to use when you need to perform packaging and wrapping. Coffee bag packaging has been made very convenient with the Kraft paper bags, all you need to do is fill the bag with coffee and then fold it properly. 


Kraft paper coffee bags are also very useful for branding as they can be customized and designed as per the desire of coffee-making companies. You can design the coffee bags in your own way in order to grow the brand image of your company.

High-burst resistance

Kraft paper bags are best when it comes to coffee bag packaging. These coffee bags can handle a high level of pressure as they will not burst easily. So, you can trust them for the safe transport of your packages.

Grow business

Today, consumers prefer those companies who care about social responsibility. Using eco-friendly coffee bags helps in attract the consumer which is very good for your business. 

Healthy and safe

Kraft paper bags go through the production period where agro-based materials are used for processing, which means they are well prevented from any sort of contamination. It makes it the safest paper for packaging your coffee. 


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