Clamshell Packaging

Clamshell packaging is popular for its feature of being versatile as they are available in different shapes and sizes. Whether you need them for big packages or small packages, this packaging clamshell product is available for both. 

You will find many food packaging options in the market, but if you are really looking for easy-to-use and attractive packaging, then clamshell packaging can just be the right option for you. Clamshell products are widely preferred by retailers as they can provide a transparent cover for their products on the display making the consumer clearly view the inside product. Besides it, there are many benefits that this packaging has to offer, go on with the article to know more about this eco-friendly food packaging. 

What is clamshell Packaging?

These days, clamshells have become very popular in the packaging world. Clamshells which are commonly found in supermarkets and retailers are produced using the same materials as skin packs and blister packs. In the food world, clamshell packaging is also known as carded packaging. If you give a close look at the clamshell packaging, you will find three parts of its design – the clamshell container, the paperboard, and the seal. 

 Usually, PET plastics, the plastic which is easily recyclable are used for producing clamshell packaging making it one of the best choices for people who care about the environment. 

Clamshell packaging is also popular as takeaway packaging as they are very convenient for packaging many types of foods. Whether it be vegetarian items like salads or non-vegetarian items like BBQ ribs, the clamshell packaging is perfect for all types of foods. The other feature that makes clamshell packaging one of the best packaging is that; it offers different types of sealing methods. The packaging sealing is available depending on your needs as you can select a self-locking system or interference fitting system. Moreover, clamshell packaging is also available to be used as non-sealing packaging. 

You will surely prefer that your products are easily visible when your product has high quality and attractive appearance. So, there is no other better option for packaging than clamshell packaging. You can make sure that people can clearly view your product quality and appearance by using this awesome packaging.  

What packaging purposes do clamshells serve?

Without protection, the packaging has no value. The clamshell packaging provides the best security to your products as they do not get damaged easily. Besides storing the food products, clamshell packaging is also available for packaging different types of materials including electrical items. 

So, fasten your seatbelt, we are going for an adventurous ride to find out the different types of clamshell packaging and their purposes.

Clamshell boxes

Clamshell boxes are specially designed for storing books with proper protection. The design is perfect for your book to lay down at the bottom and then you can extend the upper parts and side parts for a proper view of your books. 

Clamshell boxes are also available for food packaging. These boxes have two parts to ensure the safe storage of your food. The bottom part is for placing your food items and the upper parts are used as the cover for your packaging. 

Thermoform clamshell packaging

Thermoform clamshell is used as the customized packaging as they can be provided with the shape of your products. It not only makes your product look good but its sealable characteristics provide it with strong security. 

Paperboard clamshell packaging

Paperboard clamshell packaging is more easily recyclable than others, this is why it gaining more popularity these days. The packaging is very good for packaging food applications and eggs.  

Styrofoam clamshell packaging

Styrofoam clamshell packaging is very similar to the clamshell boxes. Both of them have similar types of designs. However, people prefer other types of clamshell packaging than this one as Styrofoam is not very environment-friendly. If you find this packaging, you can use it for both hot food as well as cold food packaging. 

Why should each order be packed in the new clamshell container?

Most of the clamshell containers are recyclable for consumers, however; as the retailer, you need to pack each order with a new clamshell container. Using the same clamshell plastic packaging for different products may not provide a good impression on your customers.

Clamshell packaging Australia requires retailers to ensure that they use clean packaging that is free from contamination. Using the new clamshell for different products and using the sealing of the container properly are some of the effective clamshell packaging ideas. 

Benefits of clamshell packaging in the food world

Despite being perfect for many other products, the clamshell packaging has been mostly used in the food industry. So, what benefit does it have to offer to the food world? Let’s go through them. 

Attractive designs

Clamshell packaging is very simple, yet very attractive. You can print the design you prefer on the containers to create your brand image. The feature is very useful for marketing your brand and making it popular amongst consumers.

Food Safety

You can place the foods in the clamshell container and store them in the refrigerator to maintain the freshness of your food. The effective sealing feature prevents the air to pass through and protects your food from appearing dry or mushy. 

Good for environment

Clamshell packaging, eco-friendly packaging is very helpful to conserve the environment. The clamshell packaging keeps your food fresh and safe for a longer period of time which helps in reducing food waste. So, using clamshell packages for your food packaging means that you are contributing to environmental protection. 


Transparency helps the consumer to know what they are really purchasing. Let’s, take an example, the consumer is looking to purchase strawberries but they are not sure whether they contain good quality or not. The clamshell packaging at least provides the facility for the consumers to look at its appearance. 

Easy use

Imagine you have received a food package and you cannot wait to open them as you are very hungry. The situation is very frustrating, right? Many of the other packagings comes with a confusing and time-taking opening method. But clamshell box packaging is different from others. Unlike many other packagings, the clamshell box packaging is very easy to open and seal back. 


The production cost of the clamshell packaging is lower than most of the other packaging. Hence, we can get them at a very reasonable price. Also, using recyclable products helps in cutting down expenses. It will surely save some money for you.  

Wrapping it up

Clamshell packaging is very useful when you require to store the food for a long period as they are super-protective. They are very light so that you can easily them transport from one location to another. The “snap lock button” makes it different from other packaging offering you the easiest way to pack and unpack the packaging. 

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