First of all, a huge thank you for being on our site and browsing our range. I hope you find the right packaging for your business through us.
My name is Priya and I am the founder of Keeo. Our store is a one-stop shop for all your eco-friendly packaging requirements. As the hospitality industry leans towards takeaway service, we aim to supply competitively priced range on an ongoing basis. 
eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging
As a business owner, I understand the importance of keeping variable costs low for your business while not feeling guilty of using environmentally harmful products. It is understandable that we want our businesses to leave a mark, but not through a single-use plastic cup or takeaway container.  
In addition to being eco-friendly, Keeo also takes pride in fulfilling designed packaging requirements for customers. We supply Australian-manufactured printed coffee cups, takeaway containers and takeaway bags at the lowest minimums. By keeping our minimums low, customers can promote their brand without committing resources in bulk. 
I would love to hear from you, please send us as a message at or call 0470 433 087.