Q & A 

About Product

Why should I get Keeo for my event?

Keeo is chic, sleek and uber stylish. Keep your celebrations glorious while having the lowest impact on the environment. 

Why is Keeo more expensive than plastic?

Keeo is very cheap. It won't cost you the earth, 267 species of sea animals, beautiful flora and fauna.

Palm Leaf plates, bowls and platters are not made in large scale industries. Farmers, local entrepreneurs, communities and villages work together around the year to collect, wash and press the palm leaf sheaths into shapes. 

Can I heat my food in the plates?

Absolutely. The tableware can be:

  • heated for up to 2 minutes in a microwave with high heat settings;
  • baked in an oven for 45 minutes;
  • and refrigerated

The best part is that it does not release any chemicals or toxins into the food, because it has none. 

Is the material strong?

The plates, bowls and platters are very strong and you can also use your steel cutlery while eating on them. It is not flimsy like plastic plates and holds down very well in your hand if you are standing. 

The tableware is also leakage proof unlike sugarcane products, as it holds both hot or cold liquid for up to 8 hours.

How do I dispose the products after use?

Breaking the plates, bowls or platters into smaller pieces and chucking them in your compost bin or worm farm is a great way to turn them into soil nutrition for your green veggies. If you are a newbie to the composting scene, we encourage you to make one. It is very easy and if you have kids at home, it could be a fun project! A well-maintained compost bin does not smell if you live in an apartment. 

So, get composting!

About Shipping

When will my order be delivered?

The order will be processed on the same day and the delivery may take up to 3-4 days via standard shipping. 

Bulk buying

What if I am a restaurant, caterer or a similar continuing buyer?

If you fall into the category of a continuing buyer, we can set up your account and send loads of free shipping benefits, discounts and samplers your way all the time. You just need to shoot us an email at supriya@sourcica.com.au!