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Dinner Box Sustainable Food Takeaway RangeDinner Box (150p)
Dinner Box (150p)

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28x16x7cm (11.6x6x3") clamshell - white (100p)
High Burger Box (200p) Kraft Corrugated Brown Box/ Plain
Burger Box by BiopakBurger Box (250p)
Burger Box (250p)

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Regular Snack Box (200p)
23x15x8cm (9x6x3") clamshell - natural | white (250p)
Family Box Sustainable Food Takeaway Range
Family Box (100p)

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20x22x9cm (7.8x8x3") clamshell - natural | white (200p)20x22x9cm (7.8x8x3") clamshell - natural | white (200p)
23x23x8cm 3 compartment clamshell - white (200p)
3 compartment clamshell
3 compartment clamshell

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Large Snack Box (200p)
Small Lunch Box with Window (200p)Small Lunch Box with Window (200p)
Small Lunch Box (200p)
23x15x8cm (9x6x3") 2 compartment clamshell - white (250p)23x15x8cm (9x6x3") 2 compartment clamshell - white (250p)
23x23x8cm (9x9x3") clamshell - white | natural (200p)23x23x8cm (9x9x3") clamshell - white | natural (200p)
Chip Tray (500p)Chip Tray (500p)
Chip Tray (500p)

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Medium Lunch Box (200p)
15x15x8cm (6x6") clamshell - white (500p)
15x15x8cm natural clamshell - natural (500p)
Medium Lunch Box with Window (200p)
20x15x5cm (7.5x5x1.9") clamshell - natural (300p)
Large Lunch Box (200p)
Large Lunch Box (200p)

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Pizza clamshell 280mm x 163mm x 40mm (9") - natural (250p)Pizza clamshell 280mm x 163mm x 40mm (9") - natural (250p)
Hot Dog Snack Box (400p)Hot Dog Snack Box (400p)
Large Lunch Box with Window (200p)

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