biodegradable coffee cups

Understanding biodegradable coffee cups

If you are regular visitors of nearby cafes or restaurants, you may have noticed that many of them (if not all) have started using paper-type cups. So, what is the reason for the switch from plastic cups to different types of paper-type cups? There used to be days; when the coffee market was full of plastic wares. Now, the time has changed for good as we can see many coffee shops offering coffee in recyclable coffee cups, biodegradable coffee cups, or environment-friendly coffee cups. The cups are healthier for both coffee drinkers as well as the environment that we live in.

When you look for coffee cup products; eco-friendly coffee cups, reusable coffee cups, or sustainability is not the only feature that you will consider. You would like your product to be strong, durable, and comfortable. The biodegradable coffee cups are made using strong materials like GSM paper boards making them comparatively more durable that other non-biodegradable coffee cups.  The boards are also resistant to heat which makes you enjoy your coffee in the most comfortable way. 

Most of us have a habit of throwing coffee cups in the waste bin and think that the management of waste has been done. But we forget that the coffee cups that we have thrown are not easily decomposed into the soil. This has increased the demand for biodegradable coffee cups as they only take around six weeks for decomposing in the soil which makes the biodegradable coffee cups the most eco-friendly coffee cups. 

The biodegradable cup production process does not include the use of any types of harmful chemicals. It means that it does not create any types of health issues when you drink coffee from it. Considering the facts like not being harmful to the environment and having reusable characteristics, biodegradable coffee cups are well known as eco-friendly coffee cups, reusable coffee cups, or sustainable coffee cups. 

Reusable coffee cups, biodegradable coffee cups or let’s say eco-friendly coffee cups are available in different shapes and sizes, so you can select from your preference. 

7 elements of biodegradable coffee cups

Biodegradable coffee cups are different in composition than other coffee cups. So, what are biodegradable coffee cups made of that makes them so popular? Here, we have explained some of the important elements of biodegradable coffee cups, we will take you through them one by one.


You can easily recycle biodegradable coffee cups, but remember that you will need to follow the right process for it. It is very hard, but not impossible to recycle biodegradable paper cups. One of the solutions identified is that adding water and pressure helps in separating the fiber and plastic lines which makes it easy for extraction of the lining.  The solution is introduced by the packaging company DS Smith. 

Use of the renewable sources

As there is a big demand for biodegradable products in the market, one thing is sure a lot of natural resources are going to be required for production. Now, the question arises – how to make biodegradable cups making sure that less burden is put on the natural resources? You will be happy to learn that the PLA coating for biodegradable cups is made using raw materials such as cornstarch and sugar cane which are easy-growing plants. Likewise, the raw paper material for these coffee cups is made using recycled paper, which ensures a minimum impact on natural resources. 

Resistant to heat

The quality is the first thing that you will check before serving or buying the coffee. We all agree that the coffees are most enjoyable when they are hot. Many companies use PLA insulation in their biodegradable coffee cups considering their heat resistance characteristic. The coffee maintains hotness for at least 3 hours in most biodegradable coffee cups. 


“Health” is more important than anything. Biodegradable coffee cups are healthier than other plastic cups. Drinking hot beverages from plastic cup always increase the risk of the production of chemicals leading to cancer. So, this is one of the most important reasons to say “Yes” to biodegradable coffee cups. 


The price of biodegradable coffee cups is very close to the other plastic cups and paper cups. However, biodegradable coffee cups come with more benefits than other cups. So, wise people will always select biodegradable cups to spend on. 


As the recycling process for compostable is difficult, you might not want to go through hard times. Don’t worry, we have other good news for you. The biodegradable coffee cups are very easily compostable. These cups can be composted as industrial composting as well as home composting. 


The bottom sides of the biodegradable cups are designed with a flat surface so that it is easily adjustable on the table. The body is designed in a way that it is very smooth and comfortable while touching or holding. 

Reasons to use biodegradable coffee cups today

A good environment is most for good health. The increase in plastic wastage has vastly impacted the environment. These plastic wastages produce chemicals that will remain in the air like forever. As we breathe in the air that contains this harmful chemical, it increases the risk of many diseases including life-threatening ones. So it is time to take care of our environment. Every small steps are crucial to make a big environmental change. So, using eco-friendly reusable coffee cups is one of the steps that the coffee consumer and coffee producers can take.

 As we have identified that biodegradable, compostable, and reusable cup is for the people who are really looking to make positive changes, we can expect a clean and healthy environment if we start using biodegradable cups rather than harmful plastic cups. 

Why your business should switch to biodegradable coffee cups?

The biodegradable products are made using such materials which can break down into the environment easily in very less time. As a business owner, you always have a responsibility towards society and the environment. Using biodegradable coffee cups not only makes sure that you are contributing to the environment, but you are also creating a positive image for your company. Today, people are likely to select the business that is contributing to environmental protection. The consumer will also select your company for the health benefits of biodegradable cups

The different company provides you with the service of designing biodegradable cups in your own way. These custom-designed biodegradable cups can be used for attracting consumers to your business. So, what else do you look for as a business owner? We would recommend you switch to biodegradable coffee cups without any delay and enjoy the benefits that the cup has to offer to your business. 


Keeo offers products that are healthy and sustainable. The biodegradable coffee cups offered by Keeo avoid the use of any type of plastic PE coating as they are made from renewable natural resources like sugarcane and cornstarch. These eco-friendly cups are a very good option for you if you love a good environment. In Keeo, you can also select your unique print for the cups. So, keeo is the place to order biodegradable coffee cups that reflects your brand.

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