Wooden Cutlery: A healthy and eco-friendly alternative to plastic cutlery

Many people prefer using plastic cutlery for the events like picnics or parties. People like using them as they are easy to get away with as you can just throw them in the dustbin after use. But many forget that plastic always ends up polluting the environment as 91 % of them are never recycled. Most of them either end up polluting the ocean or degrading the air that we breathe. So, it’s time to protect our environment and go with the eco-friendly alternative which comes in the shape of wooden cutlery.

Wooden cutlery is a good option and disposable wooden cutlery is easily available these days. The cost of the wooden cutlery might be a little bit higher as compared to other cutlery, however; they do add aesthetic value. The disposable wooden cutlery is available in varieties of designs to give your tableware a very attractive look. With this feature, you can surely impress your guests by using them for serving. The wooden cutlery set also lasts longer than another cutlery set as they are made of fresh birch wood making them strong.

The decomposable wooden cutlery is completely made of wood, which means they are very easy for decomposing and recycling. The fact that the wooden cutlery set not degrading our environment like the plastic cutlery makes it the most environment-friendly cutlery.

What is wooden cutlery great for?

A reusable wooden cutlery set is perfect for serving the guests in our house, restaurant or parties. The biodegradable wooden cutlery helps people to enjoy their food in the most stylish and comfortable way. The wooden fork and spoon can be used for enjoying any type of meal, whether it is an appetizer or dinner, or lunch. 

As wooden cutlery is the best eco-friendly alternative to plastic silverware, people who care about the environment are very happy to use different styles of wooden spoons and forks for enjoying their food. This biodegradable cutlery helps to provide a unique experience to your guests. So, if you are looking for impressing your guest with an eco-friendly dining experience, this is the best cutlery available. 

Unlike the other cutlery, the wooden cutlery set does not breed organisms and it makes your service stylish as well as healthy for the guest. 

Why wooden cutlery is the superior choice to metal?

One of the common complaints that the people using metal utensils make is that they leave metallic tastes on some of the food as they react with the food’s acid interfering with the actual taste of the food. On the other hand, plastic cutlery sets can melt at the sides when they come to contact with the persistent heat which can contribute to making the food unhealthy. So, what is the best way to have a healthy and tasty meal then? Wooden cutlery comes to the rescue once again. The wooden cutlery does not react with acids contained in the food which means it will not interfere with the taste of the food, unlike metallic utensils. Also, they do not melt like plastic silverware which helps in maintaining the healthiness of the food. 

 Nothing feels better than feeling comfortable when enjoying your food. Wooden cutlery provides smoother a grip than metallic cutlery which makes eating more enjoyable. As you start using the wooden spoon more often, it will give you the feeling that the spoon has been made just for you. The comfortableness is just on another level as you compare it with other cutlery. 

The wooden cutlery comes from the woods like bamboo and birch which are very fast-growing trees. We can plant those trees for the purpose of producing wooden utensils only. It means that we do not create an impact on the natural forests. For this reason, we can say that this cutlery ranks first in the list of the most sustainable cutlery. 

Multiple Benefits of Disposable Wooden Cutlery

The use of wooden cutlery is growing as people begin to recognize many environmental benefits of wooden cutlery. 

Let’s have a look at some of the major benefits of wooden utensils in our houses or outlets.

Good for health

When you have good health, you can achieve anything. So, we can put this benefit as one of the most important benefits of wooden utensils. Woods are naturally antibacterial and they prevent bacterial growth more effectively than metals and plastics which makes the wooden utensils more hygienic. 

100 % compostable  

One of the reasons disposable wooden cutlery is recognized as the most environmentally friendly cutlery is that it is fully compostable. You do not need to think much about getting rid of your wooden cutlery when they get old or broken. You can compost it by combining it with different organic materials and then use it for fertilizing the soil in your garden. 

Good for all types of foods

A wooden spoon is used for hot foods as well as cold foods. Unlike metal spoons, wooden spoons are heat resistant which means that the handle will not get heated even if you put it over the hot pot for a long time. 

Easy maintenance

Being easy to maintain is another impressive benefit of wooden utensils. It is very easy to maintain wooden cutlery as compared to plastic cutlery. When plastic comes to contact with persistent heat, it can melt or break down making plastic utensils difficult for maintaining. On the other hand, you just need to wash and clean the wooden utensils after each use and then hang them in contact with the fresh air to maintain them.

How to extend the lifespan of your wooden cutlery

Taking care of your wooden utensils is the best way for extending their lifespan. So, how to care for your wooden utensils? You just need to wash your wooden utensils with dish soap and hot water regularly. It is also recommended to use mineral oil to rub them once a month, it not only prolongs the utensil’s life but also provides a glowing look. 

Even high-quality wooden utensils will develop cracks if they are not maintained properly. Even the small crack means that you cannot use them anymore as it traps the food leading the way for bacterial growth. One of the reasons for early cracks in the wooden utensil is soaking them in the water for a long time. Hence, it is not a good idea to wash wooden cutlery in the dishwasher. Hand washing is the best way to take care of your wooden utensils. 


Wooden cutlery is identified as the best alternative for both plastic cutlery and metallic cutlery for its contribution to making the food healthier as well as preserving the environment. The wooden cutlery set is produced by many manufacturers all around the world. However, you should make sure that you select a manufacturer that does not use any types of harmful chemicals during the production process. 

Whether it be indoor gatherings or outdoor catering, the wooden cutlery are very suitable for both uses. They are made very strong and tough, so they are very durable most of the time. However, proper care should be given for extending its lifespan.

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