The 12 Best Eco-Friendly Products to Go Green in 2023 with Keeo, The best eco-friendly food packaging suppliers.

As the plastic waste has become a major concern worldwide, people are now shifting towards eco-friendly products. Despite the fact that plastic destroys the earth, they are still commonly used everywhere. From packaging foods and beverages to carrying different grocery items, plastic products are widely employed. As single-use plastics are convenient to use, unfortunately, most people do not bother going for alternatives. But, the time has come to change our habits if we want to save our earth. 

Implementing small changes in your daily life by replacing destructive products with eco-friendly products can make a big difference. However, it can be challenging for many for a quick transformation to “green”. So, to make it simple, we have assembled a list of the best eco-friendly products for you to start your “go green” journey.


Eco-Friendly Food Packaging 

Talking about the most use of plastics by the industry, the food industry tops the list. Many food businesses regularly use non-eco-friendly products including plastics for packaging their food for delivery. The plastic packaging is not only harmful to the environment, but it also degrades the health quality of the food. This is because the hazardous additives such as lead, tin, and mercury contained in plastic may leech into the food and expose whoever consumes the food. 

Thankfully, we have different eco-friendly packaging products as the best suitable plastic alternatives. With the following eco-friendly products, Australia's food industry can contribute greatly to a sustainable environment. 

  1. Bio Boards Takeaway Trays 

Buy Bio Boards Takeaway Trays

Takeaway trays are an integral part of the food business today. Nearly all food-serving establishments including cafes and restaurants provide the service of takeaway to enjoy meals, beverages, or snacks at home. So, the demand for takeaway trays is immensely high, augmenting the need for sustainable takeaway trays. 

Although many food businesses initiated using paper-based packaging as a plastic alternative, unfortunately, not all of them are 100 % sustainable. So, we recommend going for FSC-certified takeaway trays produced using Bio boards. The materials used for the production of bio board takeaway trays can be recycled or renewed putting less burden on our earth. Plus, they are compostable too.  

2. Bio-Cane Clamshells Packaging 

Buy  Bio-Cane Clamshells Packaging with keeo, the Best Eco-Friendly Packaging Suppliers.


Also popular as carded packaging, clamshell packaging is produced from two similar “shells” that are connected on one side. Likewise, buttons like tabs on the other side favor closing the shells. This packaging is popular in the food industry for packaging the foods such as salads, sandwiches, burgers, pies, and many others. Although they are commonly found made using plastics, you do have the option to go for alternative eco-friendly products. One of the most suitable options is bio-cane clamshell packaging, made using the bio-cane produced from sugarcane. As they are 100 % compostable and biodegradable, they won’t last long on earth upon throwing. 

3. Kraft Stand-Up Pouches 


Buy Kraft Stand-Up Pouches with Keeo

Stand-up pouches are food packaging that carries the items in a pouch-like space. Traditional pouches are multi-layered with long heights and flat bottoms and are commonly used for packaging coffee, granola, tea, and other loose foods.  

From a sustainable point of view, stand-up pouches made with Kraft paper are the best eco-friendly product to replace traditional non-eco-friendly pouches. As Kraft paper is more easily biodegradable and recyclable than plastics and other ordinary paper, it immensely aids to reduce the carbon footprint.   

4. Kraft catering box 


Some examples of commonly available eco-friendly catering boxes are Kraft rice boxes, Kraft salad bowls, Kraft meal boxes, etc.

Catering boxes are great packaging options for outdoor catering as well as indoor parties. So, if you are looking for transportation of a big amount of food while maintaining the right temperature, a catering box is the package to look for. Choose a Kraft catering box made of FSX-certified cardboard or paper for ensuring sustainability. Some examples of commonly available eco-friendly catering boxes are Kraft rice boxes, Kraft salad bowls, Kraft meal boxes, etc.


Eco-Friendly Cups 

Tea and coffee are popular drinks all over the world. In fact, tea is second to only water as the most consumed beverage globally. So, it is not surprising that demands for eco-friendly cups heightened tremendously.

Undoubtedly, enjoying your favorite tea or coffee in the most relaxed atmosphere is the best feeling for a tea or coffee enthusiast. Additionally, using eco-friendly cups adds pride to it. We have put together an eco-friendly product list for you to relish your favorite beverage while caring for the environment. 


5. PLA coated Custom Printed Coffee cups

PLA coated Custom Printed Coffee cups


PLA-coated custom-printed coffee cups are produced using PLA coatings rather than ordinary plastic PE coating to help sustainability. So, what is PLA and how does it ensure sustainability? Well, PLA is the material produced from the pulp of sugar cane which is 100 % compostable and biodegradable. It means you do not have to worry much regarding its impact on the environment. Plus, they are water resistant and stronger than other ordinary plastic coffee cups making them more durable and recyclable. Moreover, custom-printed coffee cups offer you to design the outlook to meet your brand identity. This is why PLA-coated custom-printed coffee cups are rising as one of the best eco-friendly product alternatives to traditional PE-coated coffee cups. 


6. BioPack Lids for Cold Beverages 

Buy BioPack Lids for Cold Beverages in Bulk with Keeo.


The cafes use the lids for cold beverages to avoid spillage and make it convenient for the consumers to enjoy every sip of the drink.

BioPack lids are the best plastic alternatives to serve cold beverages in lid-sealed cups as they are made from plant starch, unlike plastic lids which are produced using numerous harmful chemicals. Certified as commercially compostable, BioPack leads are also water-resistant and leak-proof which secures your beverage in the best possible making it the perfect choice for deliveries and takeaways. 

  7. Biodegradable Paper pulp Cup Holders 

buy Biodegradable Paper pulp Cup Holders for your Business.

Cup holders aid in carrying cold and hot drinks to serve. If you are using the cup holders to serve your guests in your house or outlets, you may want to switch to eco-friendly paper pulp-made cup holders. These cup holders are produced using waste paper pulp and other renewable materials such as bamboo, wheat, straw, sugar cane, or bamboo.  So, the disposable biodegradable characteristics of the paper pulp cup holder ensure there is no waste residue. Additionally, most of the biodegradable paper pulp cup holders are greaseproof, waterproof, and moisture-proof to enhance durability. 


Takeaway Paper bag 

Takeaway bags are common in grocery stores for carrying numerous goods such as clothing, books, vegetables, food, and many others. Recently, you may have noticed many businesses switching to takeaway paper bags from traditional plastic bags. Well, there are plenty of good reasons for it. By doing that, they not only contribute to sustainability, but they are also building an optimistic brand identity. So, what are different eco-friendly takeaway paper bag options for your business or personal use? Let’s find out. 

8. Kraft Custom Printed takeaway Bags 

Buy Kraft Custom Printed takeaway Bags for Your Business Ease


Kraft-printed takeaway bags are ideal for wrapping small items such as soaps, stationery items, and jewelry. These takeaway bags are made of paper materials from recyclable and renewable sources which means there is a minimum impact on natural resources. Additionally, customizable custom-printed Kraft takeaway bags provide you space for allocating your brand’s name, logo, slogans, etc. using vegan-based inks; a great way for building a brand name. 

9. Pulp Greaseproof Food Paper 

Buy Pulp Greaseproof Food Paper in Bulk in Reasonable Price


Commonly known as parchment paper, greaseproof food paper is an unbleached or bleached sheet of paper that is non-porous to oil. They are commonly used in baking foods for their oil resistance feature. However, traditional greaseproof food papers are treated with many chemicals and make the composting process strenuous. The good news is that you can now buy eco-friendly greaseproof food paper that is 100 % compostable. The best eco-friendly product as an alternative to traditional greaseproof food papers is made using cellulose paper pulps that are completely biodegradable. Besides cooking, you can also use pulp greaseproof paper for wrapping the food products in an environmentally-friendly way. 

10. PLA Coffee Bags

Buy PLA Coffee Bags with keeo

As the name suggests, coffee bags are commonly used for storing coffee. If you are looking for storing coffee safely by ensuring freshness while also considering sustainability, PLA coffee bags are just for you. They offer the feature to block UV rays, oxygen, and moisture to keep your coffee fresh for a long period. In addition, these bio-based PLA coffee bags are fully compostable eco-friendly products that are made using renewable plant materials such as wheat straw, rice straw, and chaff. So, you get product security as well as sustainability with PLA coffee bags. Great, isn’t it? 


Washroom Supplies 

Surprising it may sound, but it is a fact that many washroom supplies do come with sustainability options. So, what common washroom accessories are available as the best eco-friendly products? Let’s find out next. 

11. Bio-plastic made Compostable glove 

 Bio-plastic made Compostable glove


Unlike traditional non-eco-friendly gloves, bio-plastic compostable gloves are made from plant starch to offer the best for the environment. With these eco-friendly products, cleaning is more satisfying as you will not only reduce pollution in your home; but contribute to controlling global pollution. Besides, they are also available in different shapes and sizes to ensure convenient use. 

12. Eco-friendly toilet paper 

Buy Eco-friendly toilet paper with keeo


Eco-friendly toilet paper is mostly produced with premium paper pulp that goes easy with the earth. Despite many companies using renewable paper sources, the manufacturing of toilet paper may still contribute to CO2 emissions. So, always consider purchasing these eco-friendly products from carbon-neutral certified companies. 

Let’s Switch to sustainable packaging with Keeo 

Do you know that 400 million tons of plastic waste are produced in the world each year? So, it is our responsibility to save our choking planet, and going “green” is the only option. 

Whether you are a consumer or a business owner, your informed decision on prioritizing eco-friendly products determines whether your activity minimizes the impact on the earth or not. However, be careful, there are many products in the market that claim to be “green”, which may not always be true. So, if you are looking for eco-friendly products with sustainability assurance, contact Keeo for 100 % biodegradable products. All of our products are made of plant-based materials which are renewable as certified by FSC, so, you can definitely trust Keeo. Also, the different PLA-coated custom-printed Keeo products including takeaway bags, coffee cups, and coffee cups provide space to design your prints to aid in creating brand value with positive environmental impact.  

Your simple action of adopting eco-friendly products can make a big difference. So, start today and influence others to bring much-needed positive changes to the world environment.
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