5 Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Companies in Australia

Why is sustainable food packaging important? 

Takeaway and delivery service is one of the main businesses to benefit from the otherwise devastating effect of the pandemic on the food and beverage industry. As cautious workers continue to work from home, the itch to recreate the restaurant experience is often satisfied by ordering takeaways. In February 2021, the accumulated value of delivery and takeaway sales was more than 317% compared to sales in the same month in 2020. Yet, as we stand on the tail end of the seemingly never-ending saga of lockdowns and sporadic recurrences of cases, the takeaway industry continues to thrive and maintain its luster. The repercussions of this is the resultant waste of disposable packaging such as cans, trays and coffee cups. Did you know around 1.9 million tons of packaging are thrown away in the environment each year in Australia?

As a result of newly established laws and regulations, many eco-friendly food packaging companies in Australia are inspiring  food businesses to go “green”. 

So, sustainable food packaging has become more important than ever, if we are to save our drowning planet. So, what does it mean by sustainable packaging for food? In simple terms, sustainable packaging is the packaging materials that have the least impact on the environment during its whole lifecycle - from sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, and usage, to the disposal process. By switching to a sustainable package, we intend on minimizing the use of non-renewable natural resources including fossil fuels to save them for the time ahead. If we do not take initiative now, we probably might run out of crucial resources shortly.

Additionally, eco-friendly food packaging supplies are also beneficial from our health point of view. This is because sustainable packaging is made from safe components, unlike traditional plastic packaging which may contain toxic chemicals such as carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and phthalates which can transfer to the food making it unsafe for human health.

5 Best Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Companies in Australia

Many food service-based businesses blame the consumers for not making wise decisions while shopping, going for single-use non-eco-friendly packaging. On the other hand, the consumers condemn the food business for being responsible claiming that they are not offered an alternative for packing their food. So, the only solution to end this conflict is to prioritize eco-friendly food packaging supplies in your food service establishment. However, with so many food packaging suppliers in Australia, it may be burdensome for you to select the best one. Here, we have put together a list of the best eco-friendly food packaging companies in Australia to assist your decision.


Considering the popularity of the takeaway service in the food business, Keeo was established with an aim of offering eco-friendly food packaging supplies at the most reasonable price for the business to ensure minimal impact on the environment. 

At keeo, you have the option for numerous eco-friendly packaging products in the form of takeaway bags, takeaway containers, coffee cups, and catering trays and boxes. The eco-friendly PLA-coated coffee cups are produced with the natural substance - sugarcane pulp which is 100 % degradable. Upon discarding after reusing several times, they will easily break down in the soil without requiring special conditions. It means you can decompose it in your home yard itself to use it as fertilizer in the future. Similarly, Keeo’s takeaway containers and bags are made of Kraft paper, bio cane, and other plant-based materials that are easily re-produced by nature. With the use of renewable vegan-based resources, Keeo ensures that there is no pressure on our environment. Moreover, the company only uses FSC-certified paper and cardboard for the production of the catering trays to ensure 100 % eco-friendly food packaging supplies


With the vision for the “planet first”, BioPak aims to serve consumers to enjoy their food without hurting the nature and environment. This eco-friendly food packaging supplier in Australia; has a broad range of packaging products such as takeaway containers, paper bags, cutleries, and coffee cups to offer packaging for different types of foods, both hot and cold. 

All the products from Biopack are certified compostable as they are made of naturally renewable substances. Additionally, those pulp-made products are available at a reasonably lower-cost making it a perfect choice for sustainability as well as cost-effectiveness. To make it more interesting, eco-friendly products only take one to three months to completely biodegrade in suitable composting conditions. So, BioPak presents a big opportunity for you to manage packaging waste by converting them to mineral-rich compost in your home itself, preventing the burden on the landfills. 

Green Pack 

Starting as a small home-based business in 2006, Green Pack is currently one of the popular eco-friendly packaging suppliers; Australia’s food business establishment can rely on sustainability. The company is aware of the wastage issue in the world that desperately needs to be unraveled and they aim to collaborate with organizations that care for the environment to tackle the issue.

The wide range of eco-friendly sustainable food packaging products includes PLA containers, compostable cups, cornstarch cups, and more. To make it easy to select, they have classified the products as recyclable, home compostable, and commercially compostable products. Green Pack’s recyclable packaging solutions can be processed into new products after going through original use several times. Likewise, home compostable products are made of renewable natural materials and they generally break down within one to 3 months. They do not require you to meet special conditions which make it convenient for you to decompose at your home. However, commercial compostable products do need special processing, so they require industrial composting. 

The Packing People 

Prioritizing the continuous improvement of packaging solutions, The Packing People aims to be one step forward in developing the best eco-friendly products to gain the reward as one of the leading companies in the ranking of eco-friendly packaging, in Australia

At The Packing People, you will find the entire category of eco-friendly packaging products determined for a sustainable environment. Sustainable products are available in the form of pouches, bags, cylinders, and boxes that are made of degradable, compostable, and recyclable materials. The bio-bags made of biodegradable Kraft paper and other natural materials are certified environmentally friendly and safe under EN 13432 European Standard. Plus, the corn-based biofilm lining in these eco-food packaging ensures that it returns back naturally to the earth at the end of the product life-cycle

Green Mark Pack 

To serve the food service industry with the best environment-friendly food packaging, Green mark Pack was established with a commitment to reducing plastic waste for environmental conservation. This sustainable packaging supplier offers different types of eco-friendly packaging supplies such as takeaway carry bags, containers, trays, cups, and straws. These products are made of naturally renewable resources such as bamboo, areca palm leaves, and cornstarch-based substances that can either be composted industrially or at home. 

Besides, Green Mark believes in serving the green planet by maintaining an eco-friendly lifecycle for the products. For this, the company collaborates with different non-profit organizations, Waste Management facilities, and councils to support the customers and locals to switch to green. 

Your Leading Australian sustainable food packaging supplier - Keeo

Beginning the sustainable journey in 2018, Keeo is a leading eco-friendly food packaging company based in Australia to offer 100 % biodegradable food packaging. Our products are not only sustainable, but they are durable too. So reducing the need for frequent demand, the product conserves nature as well as saves your cost. 

Additionally, Keeo’s takeaway packages are made of Kraft papers, bio cane, and other plant-based materials that nature reproduces with ease in a short period, so, there is no burden on the earth. And, we ensure that no harmful chemicals are used during the production of sustainable packaging for foods to ensure healthy storage and transportation of the foods. So, with the broad range of amazing products for eco-friendly packaging; Australia’s food service establishments can collaborate with Keeo for achieving the common goal to save the planet earth while ensuring healthy food packaging.

We are proud to win the trust of environment lovers as the top-ranked eco-friendly packaging wholesale in Australia to contribute and inspire people to transit towards sustainability.


What is sustainable food packaging? 

Sustainable food packaging means the use of food packaging materials that have the least impact on the environment during their whole lifecycle.  They are made of renewable plant-based natural materials and are easily degradable and compostable.  

What is the most environmentally friendly food packaging? 

Environment-friendly food packaging is packaging that offers the feature to be reused and recycled. The reuse and recycling facility means they have an extended life span, which contributes to minimizing the demand for the new products and in return, reducing the carbon footprints. Plus, upon throwing, the environmentally friendly packaging usually breaks down within one to three months.

Why sustainable packaging? 

Sustainable packaging is today’s requirement. The food service industry produces more than 40 % of total plastic waste in the world. So, implementing sustainable packaging means we are making an effort to save our choking world for our own good.

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