Pizza clamshell 280mm x 163mm x 40mm (9") - natural (250p)



Biocane Clamshell Range

Product Description: Pizza clamshell 280mm x 163mm x 40mm (9") - natural

Quantity per carton: 250pcs/carton

Dimensions: 280mm x 163mm x 40mm

Biocane clamshells are the most popular with food trucks and cafes to package their food and deliver it fresh to the customer. Biocane is a residual byproduct of a sugarcane and owes it roots to purely plant-based sustainable materials. Use the clamshells for crepes, burgers or delicious takeaway lunch or dinner.

We welcome wholesale accounts if you are a cafe, restaurant or a food truck. Just send us an email at and we will set you up with an account. A wholesale account helps you by remembering your purchasing history and setting up with cool discounts.  

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