Lattea - Mocha (100g Pouch)



Lattea (MOCHA) - The Healthiest Coffee Alternative! (100g pouch) - 50 Servings

About Life of Cha 

An Australian born company offering organic and premium grade teas to enhance your health and positivity, the natural way. Life of Cha was founded by Natalie Choprasert, a mum, ex-chemical engineer and entrepreneur. Life of Cha has been featured in BuzzFeed, The Sydney Morning Herald, Concrete Playground and more for their rare mix of tea leaves and Insta famous cha bottle! 

About Lattea: Caffeine-free, herbal tea with hints of coffee

This Coffeeish tea is a great way to soothe coffee cravings (without the caffeine) so you can sleep like a baby at night :)

This will remind you of velvety smooth choc blended with a hint of coffee tones! A definite crowd pleaser if you love your chocolates. Tastes naughty but is actually really good for your insides so double win!

Ingredients: Organic chicory root, dandelion root, barley, burdock root, ginger, cacao nibs

How do I brew Lattea?
  1. Scoop 1 tbspn of Lattea coffee alternative tea and pour it into your cup.
  2. Pour boiling water into your cup and let it steep for 10-15 minutes (depending on strength).
  3. (Optional) Pour a dash of soy or nut milk into your Lattea herbal coffee brew.
  4. You can sip directly from your tea infuser straw or use a Bodhi leaf tea strainer. Enjoy!
  5. Great as a warm winter soother or mocha iced tea! 

What are some health benefits of Lattea?

  • It has a unique blend of flavors and scent of roasted roots 
  • It's a blend of ingredients like organic roasted dandelion, chicory, barley, burdock root, and ginger
  • It's 100% caffeine-free
  • Helps improves digestion
  • Helps with bloating
  • It is a prebiotic drink so it promotes good bacteria in your gut
  • It helps you sleep better (without the existence of caffeine)


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