32oz Biocane Bowl (White or Natural)

Color: Natural


Type: 32oz/940ml Biocane Soup Bowls  

Biocane bowls are perfect for serving cold salads or hot noodles. The bowls can sustain heat and won't go soggy for hot items. They are perfect for sending deliveries, if you are a participating restaurants or cafe for Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Door Dash. The unbleached/brown color gives an earthy/sustainable vibe to match your brand. Unbleached color means that the pulpy biocane residue left behind extracting the juice from the sugarcane is not bleached and rather remains in its natural state. 

Quantity: 400 pieces per carton 

Dimensions: 196mm (diameter) x 65mm (height) x 85.4mm (bottom diameter)

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