25oz Kraft Salad Bowl with Lids (400pcs)



25oz Kraft Salad Bowls with Lids 

Quantity: 800 pieces in total (400 pieces of bowls and 400 pieces of lids)

Dimensions: 148x128x60mm (bowl) and 148mmx20mm (lid)

Product Capacity: 750ml 

A kraft bowl is perfect for displaying salads and serving cold food such as pastas, noodles and fruits as takeaway for cafe, restaurant or catering business. The kraft bowls are coated with a thin layer of PLA (plant-based biodegradable) plastic, which helps the food to remain leakproof and greaseproof. Kraft bowls are highly suitable for serving salads, pastas, noodles and soups. They are able to sustain both hot and cold foods without leakage. 

Please note that lids are included in the price of this product. There are three options in lids: Standard Recyclable Plastic lid, Compostable BioPlastic Lid and Kraft Paper lids. 

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