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Rise in Demand for Sustainable Packaging 

Sustainable packaging is one of the most talked about topics in today’s packaging industry. Any packaging that creates reduced environmental impact over using the traditional packaging option is regarded as sustainable packaging. The claim of having a less negative impact on the environment is what draws people to sustainable packaging.

The attitude shift amongst people toward sustainable packaging has dramatically improved over the years. Consumers have become more conscious and mindful of the environmental impact of the products they use on a daily basis, contributing to the go green mission of our world. As  recent report January 2023, the demanding for sustainable packaging from the consumers has risen to 81% which makes it clear why businesses have now shifted towards the manufacture of sustainable packaging all around the world.

Apart from the evident positive environmental impact, sustainable packaging also leads businesses towards cost saving in the long term. Since sustainable packaging is manufactured using recycled materials, the production cost is reduced drastically and also these packaging options are lightweight which reduces the shipping cost as well. Hence we are witnessing a rise in demand for sustainable packaging. 

Can Sustainable Packaging Drive Purchase Intentions?

With the increased consumer awareness regarding the environmental impact of packaging, people have started prioritizing products with sustainable packaging. Sustainable packaging is made out of materials that are recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable

With the increasing awareness among consumers regarding the environmental impact of packaging, demand for sustainable packaging has also increased. This is why businesses are now committed to environmental responsibility as well as sustainability.

It may now clear how sustainable packaging can drive purchase intentions. A sustainable packaging approach have an overall positive impact on consumer satisfaction and eventually brand loyalty as well. This approach can be an effective way for companies to drive purchase intentions and build a loyal customer base.

Packaging Expectations: Understanding What Customers Look for 

Did you know that something as minute as the packaging can have a great impact on a buyer’s purchasing decision? Studies have shown that it takes about 7 seconds for a consumer to decide if they will purchase the product or not. About 90% of the buying decision are made subconsciously and packaging plays a massive role in creating a lasting first impression of the product. 

About a third of customer decisions are made based on packaging. In fact, one-third of consumer decisions are based on packaging, demonstrating the importance of packaging to stand out on the shelf. Packaging is also important. This is a powerful way to promote your brand image and differentiate your product from the competition. Packaging makes a great first impression, so it's important to know what your customers want in your packaging. This is the first step in designing effective packaging for your product. 


Packaging not only identifies the product but also the entire brand. Unique packaging ensures that the product is distinguishable, especially amongst loyal consumers. Evidently, the most generic budget brands also make their brand clear on the packaging. This is done because people only buy the product if they can interpret what it is. 

Packaging in itself plays a vital role in creating a consistent brand as it creates the very first impression. Identifying the brand on the packaging is an additional step toward creating a consistent brand. 


Design of the packaging is another sector where you can acquire a significant edge over your competitors. It is always preferable to design packaging with a unique touch rather than sticking to traditional designs. Appealing packaging designs attract consumers easily. 

Studies have proven that attractive packaging generates more intense brain activities compared to basic ones. Appealing packaging also sparks the activity in the brain that is connected with rewards. The finest designs are those that evoke emotional responses even for a small fraction of people. Often, there is an emotional aspect associated with buying. The packaging of the product has a true influence on how the customer feels about the product. People purchase from a brand that evokes positive emotions. 

The use of good colors in packaging contributes to the overall attractiveness of the product. It can be a beneficial tool for grabbing attention. Studies show that about 93% of buyers focused on visual appearance and 85% claimed color as the major reason for making a purchase. 

As each color is associated with a certain attribute, you need to be careful about deciding the color of your packaging. 


Accessibility should be one of your primal concerns because consumers tend to appreciate packaging that is easily accessible. Not just in terms of availability but also,  the packaging should be easy to open. A study has shown that 55% of respondents revealed that the number 1 irritant with the product packaging was the fact that they were difficult to open. 

Ecological Aspects

With the increasing awareness, the need, and demand for sustainable living is growing with each passing day. These are the packagings that can be easily reused and recycled. Consumers are looking for a minimal packaging option that uses fewer materials. Lesser materials indicate a low level of waste production. The ecological aspect is a major factor that pulls consumers towards sustainable packaging.


Consumers would like to know what they are purchasing and they will only make a purchase if certain criteria are met. If your product is accredited by any certifier then it is better if you make it visible on the packaging. Showing this certification will give you an edge over your competitors.


Simple packaging is the key to effective marketing as clean labeling is the current trend. Consumers would like to know all the vital details about the product so, so the packaging should offer clear and precise information about the product, sustainability, and brand. In today’s world of overstimulating markets, when consumers get to witness simple packaging, they tend to gravitate toward it. 

Striking the balance between simple, unique, and appealing design can be equally challenging and rewarding at the same time.

How to Increase Consumer Attraction to Sustainable Packaging?

With the growing interest in sustainable packaging; as the consumption rate has risen, so has the competition. So attracting consumer attraction can be a hectic task. This involves creating environment-friendly packaging that is appealing to the consumers as well. Here, we will discuss some of the strategies that you can imply to increase the demand for sustainable packaging.

Communicate About The Environmental Benefits

More consumers will choose sustainable packaging if they actually understand the benefit. Hence, it is crucial to communicate the environmental benefits through clear advertising and labeling. Once you communicate the benefits of sustainable packaging it is easier to attract consumers' attention to this topic. 

Offering Incentives

Sometimes offering small incentives can also be effective in attracting consumers to sustainable packaging. Incentives such as; discounts, and loyalty awards, will be encouraging consumers to opt for sustainable packaging options. This is a simple yet effective way of attracting customers' attention to sustainable packaging. 

Providing Convenience

Consumers are more likely to get attracted to choose the sustainable packaging approach if it is convenient for them. So, providing a convenient choice will help you attract customers' attention toward sustainable packaging. Convenience can be delivered in terms of easy-to-use and easy-to-dispose packaging which will encourage the customers to make the switch.

Creative Designing

When we think about sustainable packaging, we automatically believe it to be plain, boring, and unattractive. If you add creativity in terms of design, colors, and textures to sustainable packaging, then it is highly likely to attract more consumers to this approach. Make the packaging visually appealing to attract more customers to sustainable packaging. 

Being More Transparent

Consumer value transparency more than anything, especially when it comes down to environmental claims. Hence it is crucial to provide information regarding the production process and the kind of materials being used. This will help in building trust and increasing consumer attraction towards sustainable packaging. 

Drivers That Influence The Purchase Of Sustainable Packaging

As we can see a massive shift in the choices that people are making towards environmental sustainability. However, there is still a huge mass that is not actively involved in creating environmental sustainability. There are numerous driving factors that will help increase the demand for sustainable packaging We will be discussing them in detail below. 

Environmental Factors

The first and foremost driving factor that influences the purchase of sustainable packaging has to be environmental concerns. Consumers are increasingly aware of the negative impact of the traditional packaging on the environment including plastic pollution and deforestation.  Hence, a lot of people are actively seeking out more sustainable packaging options. It is safe to say that environmental concern is one of the drivers that influence the purchase of sustainable packaging. 

Health And Safety Concerns

There is an increased awareness among consumers regarding the potential health risks associated with a certain type of packaging material like BPA in plastic containers. Hence, they will be more inclined to purchase products that use more safer and sustainable materials. 

Corporate Responsibility

Most consumers are highly likely to purchase from a brand that has showcased its commitment to corporate responsibility as well as sustainability; this includes the use of sustainable packaging. 

Governmental Policies

Governmental policies and regulations can help promote sustainable packaging. Introducing policies like a ban on single-use plastics, or offering incentives for using recycled materials, this can also have a huge impact on the rise in demand for sustainable packaging. 

Brand Reputation And Image

Companies that are regarded as environmentally responsible and committed to sustainability are perceived to be more attractive to consumers, especially those who are willing to pay extra for environmentally friendly products. Hence, using sustainable packaging can help in enhancing a company’s brand image and reputation. 

Future Trends in Sustainable Packaging

With increasingly aware consumers that are getting more environmentally conscious, it is crucial for businesses to adapt to a sustainable packaging approach. Sustainability is the driving force for intelligent packaging growth. Businesses and brands need to focus on the advancement of their packaging to make it more sustainable throughout the supply chain. We can see a deliberate effort in the market toward improving sustainable packaging but the real question is how do we make our packaging stand out? 

Here we will discuss some of the sustainable packaging trends that will be emerging in the upcoming years. 

Refillable Containers

Refillable Containers: Keeo

The birth of refillable containers happened through the zero-waste initiative. This initiative functions on a basic principle; The store will provide products in bulk and consumers will bring their empty refillable containers to fill them with the products. Often self-care and hygiene products are available this way. 

The use of refillable containers reduces transportation as well as manufacturing costs. But talking about the success of this product, there are a lot of factors that will affect this including; acceptance from the public, added costs, and availability of containers in large quantities. 

Reusable Packaging Option

Reusable Packaging Option: Keeo

The reusable packaging option aims in transforming packaging from multi-use as well to single-use assets are getting implemented to counter the rise of single-use packaging. The transition from single-use reusables can help elevate the environmental burden and reduce the dependence on resources by decreasing material production and reducing plastic waste and pollution by getting rid of the waste after use. 

Replacing Plastic With Paper

Replacing Plastic With Paper: Keeo

Paper packaging has come out as a strong competition to replace plastic for food and beverage packaging. With brands shifting from traditional plastics to adopting paper-based solutions, these alternative paper packaging materials have gained remarkable momentum since 2020.

Carbon Labeling

Carbon Labeling is a new trend that we will be seeing in the coming years as the brands make a commitment to meet sustainability goals. Just like the nutrition label, a carbon label helps consumers understand the impact of the item that they are purchasing. In the case of a carbon label, this label contains the carbon footprint of the product which will help the customer in understanding the impact of the product on the environment. 


Lightweight Packaging

Lightweight Packaging

With the emerging innovative packaging materials, the concept of lightweight packaging is gaining momentum. The pros of lightweight packaging are quite clear; less material cost, and lesser manufacturing cost, reduced environmental impacts, less waste for the landfills. These packagings are often made out of plastics, composites, aluminum, and tinplates. 

Bioplastics are made totally or in part from renewable biomass resources such as sugarcane, and corn, or even from microbes such as yeast. Some of these bioplastics are biodegradable and even compostable under the right conditions. Bioplastics are made up of renewable resources and can be recycled naturally by biological processes. 

Bioplastics are becoming a necessity in many industrial application as food packaging, agriculture, hygiene, horticulture, and composting bags. 

Integrating Sustainable Materials in Your Packaging Approach

Integrating sustainability in your packaging approach is a fundamental way to minimize the negative impact on the environment and reflects your dedication towards environmental sustainability. Let’s discuss some of the steps that you can take to integrate sustainability into your packaging approach in detail. 

Sustainability Assessment

The first step you can take in integrating sustainable materials into your packaging approach is to evaluate your current packaging materials, manufacturing process, and waste management practice. Then you can identify the areas where you can improve and set your sustainability goals. 

Select Sustainable Materials

After you have set your sustainability goals; you need to search for materials that are compostable, biodegradable, recyclable, and renewable. The most in-demand sustainable materials include; bioplastics, recycled plastics, cardboard, and paper. 

Contemplate Alternative Packaging Approach

After you have selected the preferred sustainable material; you can explore unique packaging designs that can be made out of fewer materials and requires less energy to produce and in turn, reduces the transportation cost. Lightweight, compressed packaging and cube optimization can help in reducing the amount of material required. 

Collaboration With Suppliers

Collaborate with your suppliers to discover a sustainable alternative to the traditional packaging approach. Working with the suppliers will help you in identifying new materials as well as packaging designs that are more environmentally friendly.

Instruct Your Consumers

It is crucial to communicate your dedication to sustainability and instruct them about the proper disposal of the packaging. It is better if you provide clear instructions on recycling or composting your packaging. Encourage your consumers to reduce waste products by reusing the packaging whenever it is possible. By taking these small steps, you can establish a more sustainable packaging approach that is convenient for both the business as well as the environment. 

Custom Package Design With Keeo

In a nutshell, the rise in demand for sustainable packaging is a result of increasing awareness of environmental sustainability. We can witness a long-term shift in consumer behavior that is guided by the desire to reduce the environmental impact of traditional plastic packaging.

Due to the consumer’s inclination toward sustainability, it is crucial for businesses to adapt to this trend. The rise in demand for sustainable packaging provides a remarkable opportunity for the businesses to stand out from their competitors while contributing to this mutual goal of environmental sustainability. 

A distinctive design will easily attract consumers and increase the rise in demand for sustainable packaging. If you need help with creating unique, striking, impressive designs for your sustainable packaging, which will help your product stand out feel free to connect with us here at KEEO and enjoy our services.