Design Tips for Printed Coffee Cups

Artwork Inspiration for Branded Coffee Cups 

Branded Packaging is a great way of advertising your brand and cementing a brand voice. Similar to other types of advertising, your space is always limited. This blog posts discusses some great coffee cups design tips to consider when preparing artwork for coffee cup prints. 

Coffee Cup Design Tips:

  1. Select a good color scheme: A color scheme which resonates with the brand or your store front will be invaluable in helping customers locate you and recognize your packaging. 
  2. Don't underestimate the power of patterns: Beautiful patterns such as bright pink flamingos or flowers can stand out amongst the crowd. It is advisable to experiment and have fun with the design. 
  3. Do't forget the logo: Logos are the core of any brand. A branded cup without a logo is impossible to be tracked down. 
  4. Include Contact Details: The cup design should include Instagram handles, Facebook, or email so that the customer is able to contact you. You can also include a QR code that leads to an online menu. 

Recently, we created printed coffee cups for a customer in Melbourne. Mr. D Food and Coffee's cup designs are inspirational and tick almost all of the design essentials boxes. 

Artwork Examples for Mr D. Food and Coffee, Melbourne: 

Coffee Cup Printing Artwork

8oz Coffee Cup Print

8oz Printing Coffee Cups Artwork

12oz Coffee Cup Print

12oz Coffee Cup Printing Artwork

16oz Coffee Cup Print 

16oz Coffee Cup Printing Artwork

See the video of cups here: