Bamboo plates: A Must for The Environmentally Conscious

What do you prefer - living in a fresh and clean environment or an unhealthy dirty environment? Everybody would answer “fresh and clean environment”. The real question is what are we doing to keep our environment safe?

For decades, plastic has been closest to our daily lives, especially in the food and beverage sectors. From packaging foods from restaurant outlets to enjoying food at parties and get together, plastic tableware has been in use massively. The reason for the popularity of plastic ware is that it is very easy to use. Many of us just use it and throw it away in the bin without thinking about its impact on our environment. However, the good news is that gradually people are becoming aware of it and started taking steps to minimize the negative impact on the environment. Ever wondered; what can you do from your side? Just take a simple step, replace your plastic plates with bamboo plates.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant which means the resource that we use for creating bamboo plates can be replaced immediately, so there is no big pressure on natural resources for producing plates. Bamboo disposable plates are not only useful for sustainability, but they are also good from a health point of view. Bamboo plates are produced without the use of any harmful products. So, we can assure that our food does not get contaminated when consuming foods from bamboo dinner plates. Also, with bamboo dinner plates, you can expect that hot food maintains its hotness and cold food maintains its coldness as bamboo disposable plates are good insulators. Isn’t it good that you have to do so less to maintain the quality of your food to enjoy them? Also, many event organizers have selected bamboo plates as the first preference for the table wares. The reason, bamboo plates are beneficial for creating a positive brand image as well as contributing to sustainability. 

Why choose bamboo plates?

You may be wondering why choose bamboo plates when plastic plates are so easy to use. Unlike plastic plates, eco-friendly bamboo plates are fully biodegradable as well as compostable. Once these eco-friendly plates get the right amount of heat, air, and moisture, they can be easily decomposed.  Likewise, bamboo plates are more reusable compared to plastic plates and paper plates. Just wash the bamboo plates to reuse them. It means that bamboo plates also save you money from re-buying your tableware again and again. 

How bamboo plates are perfect for any event?

Bamboo plates add beauty to your events. The eco-friendly bamboo plates are available in different designs with different decorations. You can select these eco-friendly plates based on the theme of the event. The bamboo plates also provide a natural look to any event, so your guests can enjoy a feeling of love from nature. 

Ecofriendly bamboo plates are available in all shapes and sizes from small, medium to large. It provides an alternative no matter whether your event is small or large, casual or formal. They are suitable for all. 

Organizing an event like a wedding party requires serving large varieties of foods and it does not look good when you serve all types of food in the same types of tableware. So, try using bamboo plates as they are suitable for serving all types of foods from appetizers to main dishes. With the bamboo plates, wedding events look extra beautiful.

 On the other hand, waste management is a crucial part of your event management plan. The plastic wastages are very difficult to manage as they do not go easy with the environment. Here, eco-friendly bamboo plates make it easy for you to manage the waste in a way that impacts the environment less. Eco-friendly plates also help to impress your guests with your awareness of sustainability. With the use of bamboo plates, wedding receptions can be an opportunity for you to provide a globally meaningful message to your guests. Motivate others to take a step to conserve our beautiful environment. 

The modern look with lightweight but strong features makes it good for using it in home gatherings as well. If you are looking to go for a home picnic then the lightweight characteristics of these eco-friendly bamboo plates reduce your load. 

The benefits of using bamboo plates

If you have noticed many popular event organizers have started using bamboo plates and wonder about the reasons for the rising craze for bamboo plates, then keep reading to find out some interesting bamboo plates benefits.

 Eco-friendly plates

The world has realized what they have done to the environment by using easy-to-use plastic ware. The time has come to heal the world or at least minimize the impact of our activity. Unlike plastic plates, bamboo plates go easy with the environment.


Bamboo plates are not as heavy as they look and they are very easy to carry from one place to another. Organizing the family picnic or tour? Then consider bamboo plates, we assure you that you will not regret it. 

 Beautiful looks

Bamboo plates have classy natural looks meaning they are best to serve your guests in fashionable style. Look no other than bamboo plates, if you like to impress the guests with your fashion sense with sustainability. 

Bamboo plate vs. Paper / Plastic plates?

We would like to challenge you to tear plastic plates and paper plates. You surely will not take it as a “challenge”, right? Ok, you win, we agree you will easily win the challenge. What if we ask you to tear bamboo plates? We are sure you will not accept the challenge easily. It explains how strong bamboo plates are. Being sturdy makes bamboo plates more durable than paper plates and plastic plates. 

Plastics contain many chemicals and some of them can contaminate the foods placed on them making the food unhealthy for us. Similarly, the paper contains volatile organic compounds which also have the risk of giving us different types of health problems. Unlike paper plates and plastic plates, bamboo plates are produced using organic bamboo that does not contain as harmful chemicals as them making bamboo plates safer alternatives. However, you still need to be careful. Even though most of the companies produce bamboo plates without using any kinds of chemicals, some of them might still use chemicals such as melamine formaldehyde resin in order to provide a soft texture to their products. We recommend not to use such bamboo plates in the microwave as they can release harmful chemicals into your food. However, if your bamboo plate is produced without using any of those chemicals, then no need to worry at all. 

Now, it is clear that bamboo plates are always the winner when you make a comparison - bamboo plates vs. plastic plates or paper plates.


Offering many benefits for enjoying healthy foods, bamboo plates are gaining popularity in the food industries as well as household uses. Are you looking for a place to get yourself these wonderful eco-friendly plates? Keeo is where you need to explore. In keeo, you will find many varieties of bamboo plates that are toxin free and chemical-free.

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